[escape junkies] The Dylan – Amsterdam

If your only two criteria are location and quality of the room, Dylan would
win hands down. First the location, it is right on one of the principle
canals (the Keizersgracht) in Amsterdam’s horseshoe layout, and if you are
feeling indulgent they can provide a boat for you to arrive by. Secondly
the rooms, There a number of slight variations in style to suit the
individuals taste, but all are clean, sharp and reserved, with high end
fittings and finished. You can choose from Kimono Style, Loxura, Klassbol,
Zensation White, or Loft Style, each themed subtly interpreted. Sister
hotel to the Hemple in London. Prices can be a little step for some of us,
starting at around 300 euros up to 900 euros a night for a suit. The Dylan,
Keizersgracht 384 1016 GB Amsterdam, map

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